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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2009Analytic Moment-based Gaussian Process FilteringDeisenroth, MP; Huber, MF; Hanebeck, UD; Bouttou, L; Littman, ML
1-Jan-2008Approximate Dynamic Programming with Gaussian ProcessesDeisenroth, MP; Peters, J; Rasmussen, CE
30-Sep-2009Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Motor ControlDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE
1-Mar-2009Gaussian Process Dynamic ProgrammingDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE; Peters, J
30-Jun-2009Bayesian Inference for Efficient Learning in ControlDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE
1-Dec-2008Model-Based Reinforcement Learning with Continuous States and ActionsDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE; Peters, J
30-Nov-2008Probabilistic Inference for Fast Learning in ControlRasmussen, CE; Deisenroth, MP; Girgin, S; Loth, M; Munos, R, et al
1-Dec-2006Finite-Horizon Optimal State Feedback Control of Nonlinear Stochastic Systems Based on a Minimum PrincipleDeisenroth, MP; Ohtsuka, T; Weissel, F; Brunn, D; Hanebeck, UD
31-Dec-2009Efficient Reinforcement Learning using Gaussian ProcessesDeisenroth, MP