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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2018On the adaptability of unsupervised CNN-based deformable image registration to unseen image domainsFerrante, E; Oktay, O; Glocker, B; Milone, DH
23-Jun-2016(Hyper)-Graphical Models in Biomedical Image AnalysisParagios, N; Ferrante, E; Glocker, B; Komodakis, N; Parisot, S, et al
19-Mar-2019Identifying the best machine learning algorithms for brain tumor segmentation, progression assessment, and overall survival prediction in the BRATS challengeBakas, S; Reyes, M; Jakab, A; Bauer, S; Rempfler, M, et al
4-Sep-2017Spectral graph convolutions for population-based disease predictionParisot, S; Ktena, SI; Ferrante, E; Lee, M; Moreno, RG, et al
4-Sep-2017Distance metric learning using graph convolutional networks: application to functional brain networksKtena, SI; Parisot, S; Ferrante, E; Rajchl, M; Lee, M, et al
12-Apr-2017DeepMedic for brain tumor segmentationKamnitsas, K; Ferrante, E; Parisot, S; Ledig, C; Nori, AV, et al
17-Oct-2019TBI lesion segmentation in head CT: impact of preprocessing and data augmentationMonteiro, M; Kamnitsas, K; Ferrante, E; Mathieu, F; McDonagh, S, et al
2-Jun-2018Disease prediction using graph convolutional networks: application to Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alzheimer's diseaseParisot, S; Ktena, SI; Ferrante, E; Lee, M; Guerrero, R, et al
-Multi-class semantic segmentation and quantification of traumatic brain injury lesions on head CT using deep learning – an algorithm development and multi-centre validation studyMonteiro, M; Newcombe, VFJ; Mathieu, F; Adatia, K; Kamnitsas, K, et al
1-Jan-2018Ensembles of Multiple Models and Architectures for Robust Brain Tumour SegmentationKamnitsas, K; Bai, W; Ferrante, E; McDonagh, SG; Sinclair, M, et al