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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Oct-2015Multi-scale 3D convolutional neural networks for lesion segmentation in brain MRIKamnitsas, K; Chen, L; Ledig, C; Rueckert, D; Glocker, B
6-Jan-2015Motion Segmentation of Truncated Signed Distance Function based Volumetric SurfacesPerera, K; Barnes, N; He, X; Izadi, S; Kohli, P, et al
31-Dec-2015Supervoxel classification forests for estimating pairwise image correspondencesKanavti, F; Tong, T; Misawa, K; Mori, K; Rueckert, D, et al
26-Aug-2015Segmentation of Traumatic Brain Injuries with Convolutional Neural NetworksKamnitsas, K; Ledig, C; Newcombe, VFJ; Simpson, JP; Kane, AD, et al
30-Dec-2015Automatic brain localisation in foetal MRI using superpixel graphsAlansary, A; Lee, M; Kainz, B; Keraudren, K; Malamateniou, C, et al
16-Apr-2015Learning to Detect and Track Cells for Quantitative Analysis of Time-Lapse Microscopic Image SequencesKostelec, PD; Carlin, LM; Glocker, B
2-Oct-2015Learning and combining image similarities for neonatal brain population studiesZimmer, V; Glocker, B; Aljabar, P; Counsell, S; Rutherford, M, et al
31-Dec-2015ElasticFusion: dense SLAM without a pose graphWhelan, T; Leutenegger, S; Salas-Moreno, R; Glocker, B; Davison, A
5-Oct-2015Uncertainty-driven Forest Predictors for Vertebra Localization and SegmentationRichmond, D; Kainmueller, D; Glocker, B; Rother, C; Myers, G