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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Mar-2019Identifying the best machine learning algorithms for brain tumor segmentation, progression assessment, and overall survival prediction in the BRATS challengeBakas, S; Reyes, M; Jakab, A; Bauer, S; Rempfler, M, et al
16-Aug-2019Needles in haystacks: On classifying tiny objects in large imagesPawlowski, N; Bhooshan, S; Ballas, N; Ciompi, F; Glocker, B, et al
25-Jul-2019Is texture predictive for age and sex in brain MRI?Pawlowski, N; Glocker, B
31-Dec-2017DLTK: State of the Art Reference Implementations for Deep Learning on Medical ImagesPawlowski, N; Ktena, SI; Lee, MCH; Kainz, B; Rueckert, D, et al
14-Jun-2018Deep generative models in the real-world: an open challenge from medical imagingChen, X; Pawlowski, N; Rajchl, M; Glocker, B; Konukoglu, E
31-Dec-2017Implicit Weight Uncertainty in Neural NetworksPawlowski, N; Rajchl, M; Glocker, B;
-Ensembles of Multiple Models and Architectures for Robust Brain Tumour SegmentationKamnitsas, K; Bai, W; Ferrante, E; McDonagh, S; Sinclair, M, et al
10-Jun-2020Stochastic segmentation networks: modelling spatially correlated aleatoric uncertaintyMonteiro, M; Folgoc, LL; Castro, DCD; Pawlowski, N; Marques, B, et al
11-Jun-2020Deep structural causal models for tractable counterfactual inferencePawlowski, N; Castro, DC; Glocker, B;