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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Oct-2016Transparent In-Circuit Assertions for FPGAsHung, E; Todman, T; Luk, W; , et al
5-Jun-2017A Fully-Pipelined Hardware Design for Gaussian Mixture ModelsHe, C; Fu, H; Guo, C; Luk, W; Yang, G, et al
5-May-2016A domain specific approach to high performance heterogeneous computingThomas, DB; Inggs, G; Luk, W; , et al
22-Jun-2017Lossless Compression Decoders for Bitstreams and Software Binaries Based on High-Level SynthesisYan, J; Yuan, J; Leong, PHW; Luk, W; Wang, L, et al
6-Feb-2018MR Safe Robotic Manipulator for MRI-Guided Intracardiac CatheterizationLee, KH; Fu, KCD; Guo, Z; Dong, Z; Leong, MCW, et al
1-Jun-2018Stream processing dual-track CGRA for object inferenceFan, X; Wu, D; Cao, W; Luk, W; Wang, L, et al
8-May-2017Run-time reconfigurable acceleration for genetic programming fitness evaluation in trading strategiesFunie, AI; Grigoras, P; Burovskiy, P; Luk, W; Salmon, M, et al
19-Aug-2017Exploiting the chaotic behaviour of atmospheric models with reconfigurable architecturesRussell, FP; Düben, PD; Niu, X; Luk, W; Palmer, TN, et al
18-Oct-2017FP-BNN: Binarized neural network on FPGALiang, S; Yin, S; Liu, L; Luk, W; Wei, S, et al
29-Feb-2016Leveraging FPGAS for accelerating short read alignmentArram, J; Kaplan, T; Luk, W; Jiang, P; , et al