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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2019A self-adaptive motion scaling framework for surgical robot remote controlZhang, D; Xiao, B; Huang, B; Zhang, L; Liu, J, et al
25-Oct-2017Powering the world's robots - 10 years of ROSZhang, L; Merrifield, R; Deguet, A; Yang, G-Z
24-Jul-2017Autonomous Scanning for Endomicroscopic Mosaicing and 3D FusionZhang, L; Ye, M; Giataganas, P; Hughes, M; Yang, G-Z
Apr-2019Design, fabrication and testing a semi-automatic sewing device for personalized stent graft manufacturingHu, Y; Zhang, L; Senici, C; Li, W; Abdelaziz, M, et al
Apr-2019Design and fabrication of a 3D printed metallic flexible joint for snake-like surgical robotHu, Y; Zhang, L; Li, W; Yang, G-Z; , et al
2-Oct-2016Real-time 3D tracking of articulated tools for robotic surgeryYe, M; Zhang, L; Giannarou, S; Yang, G-Z
19-Jul-2017A computationally efficient method for hand-eye calibrationZhang, Z; Zhang, L; Yang, G-Z; , et al
14-Sep-2014Semi-autonomous navigation for robot assisted tele-echography using generalized shape models and co-registered RGB-D camerasZhang, L; Lee, S-L; Yang, G-Z; Mylonas, GP
18-Nov-2015Autonomous Ultrasound-Guided Tissue DissectionPratt, P; Hughes-Hallett, A; Zhang, L; Patel, N; Mayer, E, et al