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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2017Multi-Parametric Rigid and Flexible, Low-Cost, Disposable Sensing Platforms for Biomedical ApplicationsAnastasova-Ivanova, S; Kassanos, P; Yang, G-Z;
22-Oct-2012Robotics and smart instruments for translating endomicroscopy to in situ, in vivo applicationsHughes, M; Yang, G-Z;
3-Mar-2014Color reflectance fiber bundle endomicroscopy without back-reflectionsHughes, M; Giataganas, P; Yang, G-Z;
16-Jan-2018High temporal resolution delayed analysis of clinical microdialysate streamsBoutelle, MG; Gowers, SAN; Hamaoui, K; Cunnea, P; Anastasova-Ivanova, S, et al
13-Jul-2015Toward intraoperative breast endomicroscopy with a novel surface-scanning deviceZuo, S; Hughes, M; Seneci, C; Chang, TP; Yang, G-Z, et al
8-Sep-2016Optomechanical force estimation using passive micromanipulator end-effectorsPower, M; Yang, G-Z; Haliyo, S; Sill, A; Regnier, S, et al
25-Jan-2018Real-time 3D shape instantiation from single fluoroscopy projection for fenestrated stent graft deploymentZhou, X; Lin, J; Riga, C; Yang, G-Z; Lee, S-L, et al
24-Apr-2017Manifold embedding and semantic segmentation for intraoperative guidance with hyperspectral brain imagingRavi, D; Fabelo, H; Callico', GM; Yang, G-Z;
1-Jun-2016Line-scanning fiber bundle endomicroscopy with a virtual detector slitHughes, M; Yang, G-Z;
9-Jun-2016Design and analysis of a wire-driven flexible manipulator for bronchoscopic interventionsLiu, N; Bergeles, C; Yang, G-Z; Okamura, A; Menciassi, A, et al