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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Online Scene Association for Endoscopic NavigationYe, M; Johns, E; Giannarou, S; Yang, G-Z
5-Oct-2015Hybrid Retargeting for High-Speed Targeted Optical BiopsiesMouton, A; Ye, M; Lacombe, F; Yang, G-Z
8-Sep-2016Optomechanical force estimation using passive micromanipulator end-effectorsPower, M; Yang, G-Z; Haliyo, S; Sill, A; Regnier, S, et al
9-Jun-2016Hubot: a three state human-robot collaborative framework for bimanual surgical tasks based on learned modelsBerthet-Rayne, P; Power, M; King, H; Yang, G-Z; Okamura, A, et al
1-Dec-2016Implicit active constraints for safe and effective guidance of unstable concentric tube robotsLeibrandt, K; Bergeles, C; Yang, G-Z;
9-Jun-2016Design and analysis of a wire-driven flexible manipulator for bronchoscopic interventionsLiu, N; Bergeles, C; Yang, G-Z; Okamura, A; Menciassi, A, et al
10-Oct-2016Development of micromechanisms for handling of biomaterials under laser lightAvci, E; Yang, G-Z;
7-Jan-2019Rolling-joint design optimization for tendon driven snake-like surgical robotsBerthet-Rayne, P; Leibrandt, K; Kim, K; Seneci, CA; Shang, J, et al
1-Jan-2012Stroboscopic illumination scheme for seamless 3D endoscopyClancy, NT; Stoyanov, D; Yang, G-Z; Elson, DS; VoDinh, T, et al
2-Oct-2016Robust Image Descriptors for Real-Time Inter-Examination Retargeting in Gastrointestinal EndoscopyYe, M; Johns, E; Walter, B; Meining, A; Yang, G-Z