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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2014On the preciseness of subtyping in session typesChen, T-C; Dezani-Ciancaglini, M; Yoshida, N
24-Aug-2014Timed runtime monitoring for multiparty conversationsNeykova, R; Bocchi, L; Yoshida, N; Carbone, M
1-Jan-2014Calculating communication costs with sessions types and sizesFranco, J; Drossopoulou, S; Yoshida, N
10-Nov-2014Dynamic deadlock verification for general barrier synchronisationSoares Cogumbreiro Garcia, T; Hu, R; Martins, F; Yoshida, N
20-Dec-2014Pabble: parameterised ScribbleNg, N; Yoshida, N
19-Nov-2014Practical interruptible conversations: distributed dynamic verification with multiparty session types and PythonDemangeon, R; Honda, K; Hu, R; Neykova, R; Yoshida, N
10-Nov-2014Global progress for dynamically interleaved multiparty sessionsCoppo, M; Dezani-Ciancaglini, M; Yoshida, N; Padovani, L
10-Nov-2014On asynchronous eventful session semanticsKouzapas, D; Yoshida, N; Hu, R; Honda, K
10-Nov-2014Global escape in multiparty sessionsCapecchi, S; Giachino, E; Yoshida, N
30-Dec-2014Globally governed session semanticsKouzapas, D; Yoshida, N