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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2010A Dynamic Texture-Based Approach to Recognition of Facial Actions and Their Temporal ModelsKoelstra, S; Pantic, M; Patras, IY
20-Jul-2010Starfish: Policy Driven Self-management in Wireless Sensor NetworksBourdenas, T; Sloman, M
1-Jul-2010Turning Back Time-What Impact on Performance?Harrison, PG
1-Apr-2010Response time distribution of flash memory accessesHarrison, PG; Patel, NM; Zertal, S
1-Dec-2010Teleo-Reactive policies for managing human-centric pervasive services.Marinovic, S; Twidle, KP; Dulay, N; Sloman, M
15-Jun-2010A differential operator and weak topology for Lipschitz mapsEdalat, A
1-Feb-2010Trace data characterization and fitting for Markov modelingCasale, G; Zhang, EZ; Smirni, E
1-Jan-2010Model-Driven System Capacity Planning under Workload BurstinessCasale, G; Mi, N; Smirni, E
1-Apr-2010Evaluating fluid semantics for passive stochastic process algebra cooperationHayden, RA; Bradley, JT
14-Oct-2010A logic with conditional probability operatorsDoder, D; Marinković, B; Maksimović, P; Perović, A