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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2011Passage-time computation and aggregation strategies for large semi-Markov processesGuenther, MC; Dingle, NJ; Bradley, JT; Knottenbelt, WJ
1-Feb-2011A generalized method of moments for closed queueing networksCasale, G
7-Oct-2011PILCO: A Model-Based and Data-Efficient Approach to Policy SearchDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE
30-Jun-2011Learning to Control a Low-Cost Manipulator using Data-Efficient Reinforcement LearningDeisenroth, MP; Rasmussen, CE; Fox, D
30-Sep-2011TumorML: Concept and requirements of an in silico cancer modelling markup languageJohnson, D; Cooper, J; McKeever, S
1-Oct-2011A Simple Abstraction for Complex Concurrent IndexesPinto, PDR; Dinsdale-Young, T; Dodds, M; Gardner, P; Wheelhouse, M
1-Dec-2011Static analysis of device drivers: we can do better!Amani, S; Ryzhyk, L; Donaldson, AF; Heiser, G; Legg, A, et al
9-Nov-2011Distributionally robust joint chance constraints with second-order moment informationZymler, S; Kuhn, D; Rustem, B
29-Dec-2011Automated Discovery of Food Webs from Ecological Data Using Logic-Based Machine LearningBohan, DA; Caron-Lormier, G; Muggleton, S; Raybould, A; Tamaddoni-Nezhad, A
30-Sep-2011Abstract local reasoning for program modulesDinsdale-Young, T; Gardner, P; Wheelhouse, M