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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Oct-2015Hybrid Retargeting for High-Speed Targeted Optical BiopsiesMouton, A; Ye, M; Lacombe, F; Yang, G-Z
16-Nov-2015Verification of GSM-based Artifact-centric Systems by Predicate AbstractionLomuscio, AR; griesmayer, A; gonzalez,
7-May-2015A gentle introduction to multiparty asynchronous session typesCoppo, M; Dezani-Ciancaglini, M; Padovani, L; Yoshida, N
1-Jan-2015Architectures and Precision Analysis for Modelling Atmospheric Variables with Chaotic BehaviourRussell, FP; Düben, PD; Niu, X; Luk, W; Palmer, TN
15-Sep-2015Towards Quality-Aware Development of Big Data Applications with DICECasale, G; Di Nitto, E; Spais, I
1-Oct-2015Detecting Malicious Data Injections in Wireless Sensor Networks: a SurveyIlliano, VP; Lupu, EC
9-Dec-2015Fault-tolerant Resource ReasoningNtzik, G; Da Rocha Pinto, P; Gardner, P; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
1-Feb-2015Forbidding undesirable agreementsTurrini, P; Grossi, D; Broersen, J; Meyer, J-JC
1-Sep-2015A bi-ventricular cardiac atlas built from 1000+ high resolution MR images of healthy subjects and an analysis of shape and motionBai, W; Shi, W; de Marvao, A; Dawes, TJW; O'Regan, DP, et al
10-Jul-2015Big Data for HealthAndreu Perez, J; C. Y. Poon, C; Merrifield, R; Guang-Zhong, Y; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), et al