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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Dec-2018Gaussian process conditional density estimationDutordoir, V; Salimbeni, HR; Hensman, J; Deisenroth, MP
10-May-2018Unifying terrain awareness for the visually impaired through real-time semantic segmentation.Yang, K; Wang, K; Bergasa, LM; Romera, E; Hu, W, et al
1-Jun-2018Learning-based endovascular navigation through the use of non-rigid registration for collaborative robotic catheterizationChi, W; Liu, J; Rafii-Tari, H; Riga, C; Bicknell, C, et al
10-Dec-2018sgx-perf: a performance analysis tool for intel SGX enclavesWeichbrodt, N; Aublin, PRER; Kapitza, R; Commission of the European Communities
1-Jan-2018EchoFusion: Tracking and Reconstruction of Objects in 4D Freehand Ultrasound Imaging without External TrackersKhanal, B; Gomez, A; Toussaint, N; McDonagh, S; Zimmer, V, et al
15-Jul-2018A weakness measure for GR(1) formulaeCavezza, D; Alrajeh, D; Gyorgy, A
27-May-2018Towards forensic-ready software systemsPasquale, L; Alrajeh, D; Peersman, C; Than Tun, T; Nuseibeh, B, et al
29-Oct-2018Sim-to-real reinforcement learning for deformable object manipulationMatas, J; James, S; Davison, A
21-Mar-2018The complexity and generality of learning answer set programsLaw, M; Russo, AM; Broda, K
15-Jul-2018Selling multiple items via social networksZhao, D; Lit, B; Xu, J; Haot, D; Jennings, NR