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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Oct-2015Network-Aware Stream Query Processing in Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksO'Keeffe, D; Salonidis, T; Pietzuch, PR; IBM United Kingdom Ltd; IBM United Kingdom Ltd
3-Sep-2018Policy Support for Autonomous Swarms of DronesCullen, A; Karafili, E; Pilgrim, A; Williams, C; Lupu, E, et al
19-Jan-2016Experimental results on the use of genetic algorithms for scaling virtualized network functionsRankothge, W; Le, F; Russo, A; Lobo, J; IBM United Kingdom Ltd
7-Jan-2016Declarative Framework for Specification, Simulation and Analysis of Distributed ApplicationsRusso, AM; Ma, J; Lobo, J; Le, F; IBM United Kingdom Ltd
30-Jun-2018Frontier: resilient edge processing for the internet of thingsO'Keeffe, D; Salonidis, T; Pietzuch, PR; IBM United Kingdom Ltd; IBM United Kingdom Ltd
27-Jan-2019Representing and learning grammars in answer set programmingRusso, A; Law, M; Broda, K; IBM United Kingdom Ltd
18-May-2015Demo: NOMAD: an edge cloud platform for hyper-responsive mobile appsPamboris, A; Báguena, M; Wolf, AL; Manzoni, P; Pietzuch, P, et al
28-Jun-2018Next generation firewalls for dynamic coalitionsArunkumar, S; Pipes, S; Makaya, C; Bertino, E; Karafili, E, et al
1-Feb-2019Methods and tools for policy analysisJabal, AA; Davari, M; Bertino, E; Makaya, C; Calo, S, et al
26-Apr-2019Optimal energy consumption with communication, computation, caching and quality guaranteeZafari, F; Li, J; Leung, KK; Towsley, D; Swami, A, et al