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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Dec-2013Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease mortality and prevalence: the associations with smoking and poverty-a BOLD analysisBurney, P; Jithoo, A; Kato, B; Janson, C; Mannino, D, et al
17-Dec-2013Prevalence of COPD and Tobacco Smoking in Tunisia - Results from the BOLD StudyDaldoul, H; Denguezli, M; Jithoo, A; Gnatiuc, L; Buist, S, et al
30-May-2013The impact of COPD on health status: findings from the BOLD studyJanson, C; Marks, G; Buist, S; Gnatiuc, L; Gislason, T, et al
16-Nov-2012Can spirometric norms be set using pre- or post- bronchodilator test results in older people?Kato, B; Gulsvik, A; Vollmer, W; Janson, C; Studnika, M, et al
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