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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Sep-2014100GHz ultra-high Q-factor photonic crystal resonatorsOtter, WJ; Hanham, SM; Ridler, NM; Marino, G; Klein, N, et al
29-Aug-20162D direction of arrival estimation of multiple moving sources using a spherical microphone arrayMoore, AH; Evers, C; Naylor, PA
15-Feb-20173-D printed 1.1 THz waveguidesOtter, WJ; Ridler, NM; Yasukochi, H; Soeda, K; Konishi, K, et al
21-Sep-20153-D printed metal-pipe rectangular waveguidesD'Auria, M; Otter, WJ; Hazell, J; Gillatt, BTW; Long-Collins, C, et al
3-Oct-20163-D printed variable phase shifterGillatt, BTW; D'Auria, M; Otter, WJ; Ridler, NM; Lucyszyn, S
20-Jul-20163-D printing of microwave components for 21st century applicationsOtter, WJ; Lucyszyn, S
4-Apr-20173D printed waveguides: A revolution in low volume manufacturing for the 21st centuryOtter, W; Ridler, NM; Lucyszyn, S
6-Feb-2017A 0.45V continuous time-domain filter using asynchronous oscillator structuresLeene, L; Constandinou, TG
28-May-2017A 0.5V Time-Domain Instrumentation Circuit with Clocked and Unclocked OperationLeene, L; Constandinou, TG
23-May-2013A 1.5μW NEO-based Spike Detector with Adaptive-Threshold for Calibration-free Multichannel Neural InterfacesKoutsos, E; Paraskevopoulou, SE; Constandinou, TG
25-Oct-2012A 1.8 mW 12 channel wireless seizure detector for miniaturized portable EEG systemsLogesparan, L; Imtiaz, SA; Casson, AJ; Aguilar-Pelaez, E; Rodriguez-Villegas, E
17-Oct-2016A 2.7uW/Mips, 0.88GOPS/mm^2 Distributed Processor for Implantable Brain Machine InterfacesLeene, L; Constandinou, TG
17-Oct-2016A 32-Channel Bidirectional Neural/EMG Interface with on-Chip Spike Detection for Sensorimotor FeedbackWilliams, I; Rapeaux, A; Liu, Y; Luan, S; Constandinou, TG
23-May-2016A 32-Channel MCU-Based Feature Extraction and Classification for Scalable on-Node Spike SortingBarsakcioglu, DY; Constandinou, TG
20-Feb-2017A 4-wire interface SoC for shared multi-implant power transfer and full-duplex communicationGhoreishizadeh, S; Haci, D; Liu, Y; Constandinou, T
6-Feb-2017A 6-bit, two-step, successive approximation logarithmic ADC for biomedical applicationsSundarasaradula, Y; Constandinou, TG; Thanachayanont, A
23-May-2013A 890fJ/bit UWB transmitter for SOC integration in high bit-rate transcutaneous bio-implantsLeene, LB; Luan, S; Constandinou, TG
21-Feb-2016A Case for Work-Stealing on FPGAs with OpenCL AtomicsRamanathan, N; Wickerson, J; Winterstein, F; Constantinides, GA
15-Mar-2014A charge-metering method for voltage-mode neural stimulationLuan, S; Constandinou, TG
1-Nov-2009A Class of Sparseness-Controlled Algorithms for Echo CancellationLoganathan, P; Khong, AWH; Naylor, PA
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1056
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