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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2016A balanced-force control volume finite element method for interfacial flows with surface tension using adaptive anisotropic unstructured meshesXie, Z; Pavlidis, D; Salinas, P; Percival, J; Pain, C, et al
4-Jul-2015A catalytic hollow fibre membrane reactor for combined steam methane reforming and water gas shift reactionGil, AG; Wu, Z; Chadwick, D; Li, K
1-Nov-2009A Coherent Mechanistic Rationale for Additive Effects and Autoinductive Behaviour in Proline-Mediated ReactionsZotova, N; Moran, A; Armstrong, A; Blackmond, DG
13-Jun-2017A colorimetric method for rapid and selective quantification of peroxodisulfate, peroxomonosulfate and hydrogen peroxideDeadman, BJ; Hellgardt, K; Hii, KM
1-Jul-2013A combined analysis of plant connectivity and alarm logs to reduce the number of alerts in an automation systemSchleburg, M; Christiansen, L; Thornhill, NF; Fay, A
9-Jun-2017A comparative study of production of glass microspheres by using thermal processLee, MY; Tan, J; Heng, JYY; Cheeseman, C
6-Apr-2017A comparison of an energy/economic-based against an exergoeconomic-based multi-objective optimisation for low carbon building energy designGarcía Kerdan, I; Raslan, R; Ruyssevelt, P; Morillón Gálvez, D
30-Aug-2014A comparison of slip, disjoining pressure, and interface formation models for contact line motion through asymptotic analysis of thin two-dimensional droplet spreadingSibley, DN; Nold, A; Savva, N; Kalliadasis, S
11-Nov-2017A Computational Model for False Lumen Thrombosis in Type B Aortic Dissection Following Thoracic Endovascular RepairMenichini, C; Cheng, Z; Gibbs, RGJ; Xu, XY
1-Mar-2008A continuous stirred tank heater simulation model with applicationsThornhill, NF; Patwardhan, SC; Shah, SL
1-Nov-2013A controlled sintering process for more permeable ceramic hollow fibre membranesWu, Z; Faiz, R; Li, T; Kingsbury, BFK; Li, K
25-Jun-2016A Convex Hull Formulation for the Design of Optimal MixturesJonuzaj, S; Adjiman, CS
19-May-2015A corresponding-states framework for the description of the Mie family of intermolecular potentialsRamrattan, NS; Avendaño, C; Müller, EA; Galindo, A
13-Jan-2016A curve shortening flow rule for closed embedded plane curves with a prescribed rate of change in enclosed areaDallaston, MC; McCue, SW
27-Feb-2015A Cyclin Distributed Cell Cycle Model in GS-NS0Garcia Munzer, D; Kostoglou, M; Georgiadis, MC; Pistikopoulos, EN; Mantalaris, A
31-Oct-2017A Discontinuous Control Volume Finite Element Method for Multi-Phase Flow in Heterogeneous Porous MediaSalinas, P; Pavlidis, D; Xie, Z; Osman, H; Pain, CC, et al
15-Dec-2010A duality-based optimisation approach for the reliable solution of (P, T) phase equilibrium in volume-composition spacePereira, FE; Jackson, G; Galindo, A; Adjiman, CS
3-Aug-2015A Dynamic Mode Decomposition Framework for Global Power System Oscillation AnalysisBarocio, E; Pal, BC; Thornhill, N; Messina, AR
1-Dec-2013A dynamic model coupling photoacclimation and photoinhibition in microalgaeHartmann, P; Nikolaou, A; Chachuat, B; Bernard, O
28-Oct-2011A dynamic model for the efficiency optimization of an oscillatory low grade heat engineMarkides, CN; Smith, TCB
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 1047
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