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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Sep-2016A QM-CAMD approach to solvent design for optimal reaction ratesStruebing, H; Obermeier, S; Siougkrou, E; Adjiman, CSJ; Galindo, A, et al
1-Feb-2015Aspects of asphaltene aggregation obtained from coarse-grained molecular modelingJover, JF; Mueller, EA; Haslam, AJ; Galindo, A; Jackson, G, et al
2-Jun-2015Developing intermolecular-potential models for use with the SAFT-VRMie equation of stateDufal, S; Lafitte, T; Galindo, A; Jackson, G; Haslam, AJ
1-Aug-2017Predicting the solvation of organic compounds in aqueous environments: from alkanes and alcohols to pharmaceuticalsHutacharoen, P; Dufal, S; Papaioannou, V; Shanker, RM; Adjiman, CS, et al
8-Aug-2017Predicting the Fluid-Phase Behavior of Aqueous Solutions of ELP (VPGVG) Sequences Using SAFT-VR.Zhao, B; Lindeboom, T; Benner, S; Jackson, G; Galindo, A, et al
15-Apr-2016On the use of molecular-based thermodynamic models to assess the performance of solvents for CO₂ capture processes: monoethanolamine solutionsBrand, CV; Graham, E; Rodriguez, J; Galindo, A; Jackson, G, et al
12-Mar-2018Carbon capture and storage (CCS): the way forwardBui, M; Adjiman, CS; Bardow, A; Anthony, EJ; Boston, A, et al
17-Jul-2014On the optimal design of gas-expanded liquids based on process performanceSiougkrou, E; Galindo, A; Adjiman, CS
5-Aug-2013Validation of a process model of CO2 capture in an aqueous solvent, using an implicit molecular based treatment of the reactionsBrand, CV; Rodriguez, J; Galindo, A; Jackson, G; Adjiman, CS, et al
29-Sep-2011SAFT-gamma Force Field for the Simulation of Molecular Fluids. 1. A Single-Site Coarse Grained Model of Carbon DioxideAvendano, C; Lafitte, T; Galindo, A; Adjiman, CS; Jackson, G, et al