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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2013Computer-aided molecular design of solvents for accelerated reaction kineticsStruebing, H; Ganase, Z; Karamertzanis, PG; Siougkrou, E; Haycock, P, et al
4-Sep-2018SAFT‑γ force field for the simulation of molecular fluids. 5. Hetero Group coarse-grained models of linear alkanes and the importance of intramolecular interactionsGalindo, A; Rahman, S; Lobanova, O; Jimenez-Serratos, G; Braga, C, et al
14-Sep-2018Daan Frenkel - An entropic careerEvans, R; Galindo, A; Jackson, G; Lynden-Bell, R; Rotenberg, B