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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Feb-2019Real-time dual-sensitive shearography for simultaneous in-plane and out-of-plane strain measurementsDong, J; Wang, S; Lu, M; Jakobi, M; Liu, Z, et al
28-Feb-2019Chemical Engineering Research: Reports of the 4th year research projects in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College LondonMuller, E
9-Feb-2019Molecular simulation of the adsorption and diffusion in cylindrical nanopores – effect of shape and fluid-solid interactionsCardenas, H; Muller, E;
21-Jan-2019Transport properties of water confined in a graphene nanochannelJaeger, F; Matar, OK; Müller, EA
1-Feb-2019Thermoacoustic energy conversion in a square ductHarikumar, G; Ho, KH; Wang, K; Dubey, S; Duan, F
13-Apr-2019Impact of future energy policy on water resources in KazakhstanRivotti, P; Karatayev, M; Mourao, ZS; Shah, N; Clarke, ML, et al
1-Apr-2019Chitin nanopaper from mushroom extract: natural composite of nanofibers and glucan from a single biobased sourceFazli Wan Nawawi, WM; Lee, KY; Kontturi, E; Murphy, RJ; Bismarck, A
31-Jul-2019Destabilisation of eukaryote mRNAs by 5’ proximal stop codons can occur independently of the nonsense-mediated mRNA decay pathwayGorgoni, B; Zhao, Y-B; Krishnan, J; Stansfield, I
31-Jul-2019Experimental and numerical studies on the flow characteristics and separation properties of dispersed liquid-liquid flowsVoulgaropoulos, V; Jamshidi, R; Mazzei, L; Angeli, P
1-Jun-2019Scale-up and sustainability evaluation of biopolymer production from citrus waste offering carbon capture and utilisation pathwayDurkin, A; Taptygin, I; Kong, Q; Mukhtar Gunam Resul, MF; Rehman, A, et al