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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-May-2019Solar hybrid PV-thermal combined cooling, heating and power systemsWang, K; Markides, C;
19-May-2019Inertial and buoyancy effects on horizontal flow of elongated bubbles in circular channelsMoran, H; Magnini, M; Markides, C; Matar, O;
1-Jun-2019Scale-up and sustainability evaluation of biopolymer production from citrus waste offering carbon capture and utilisation pathwayDurkin, A; Taptygin, I; Kong, Q; Gunam Resul, MFM; Rehman, A, et al
23-Jun-2019Off-design performance of a 1-kWe organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systemUnamba, C; Li, X; Song, J; Wang, K; Shu, G, et al
6-Jun-2019Macroscopic relations for microscopic properties at the interface between solid substrates and dense fluidsRusso, A; DurĂ¡n-Olivencia, MA; Kalliadasis, S; Hartkamp, R
30-Apr-2019Contact angle hysteresis in a microchannel: StaticsHatipogullari, M; Wylock, C; Pradas, M; Kalliadasis, S; Colinet, P, et al
22-Jul-2019An inter-model assessment of the role of direct air capture in deep mitigation pathwaysRealmonte, G; Hawkes, A; Gambhir, A; Tavoni, M; Glynn, J, et al
3-Jul-2019Modeling and prediction of shell-side fouling in shell-and-tube heat exchangersDiaz-Bejarano, E; Coletti, F; Macchietto, S
31-Jan-2019The increasingly human and profitable monoclonal antibody marketMartins De Jesus Lima Grilo, A; Mantalaris, A;
23-Jun-2019Installation of a dynamic controller for the optimal operation of a CHP engine in a supermarket under uncertaintyOlympios, A; Le Brun, N; Acha Izquierdo, S; Lambert, R; Shah, N, et al