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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2019Development of a responsive optimisation framework for decision-making in precision agricultureKong, Q; Kuriyan, K; Shah, N; Guo, M; , et al
1-Oct-2019Spatiotemporally resolved heat transfer measurements in falling liquid-films by simultaneous application of planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF), particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) and infrared (IR) thermographyCharogiannis, A; Markides, CN; , et al
16-Mar-2019Measuring, imaging and modelling solute transport in a microporous limestoneKurotori, T; Zahasky, C; Hosseinzadeh Hejazi, SA; Shah, S; Benson, S, et al
1-Feb-2019China's roadmap to low-carbon electricity and water: Disentangling greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from electricity-water nexus via renewable wind and solar power generation, and carbon capture and storageSharifzadeh, M; Hien, RKT; Shah, N
23-Nov-2019Mixing viscoplastic fluids in stirred vessels over multiple scales: An experimental and CFD approachRussell, AW; Kahouadji, L; Mirpuri, K; Quarmby, A; Piccione, PM, et al
1-Aug-2019Wastewater-to-resource- Design of a sustainable phosphorus recovery systemDuan, M; O'Dwyer, E; Stuckey, D; Guo, M;
13-Aug-2019Development and techno-economic analyses of a novel hydrogen production process via chemical loopingBahzad, H; Shah, N; Dowell, NM; Boot-Handford, M; Soltani, SM, et al
1-Nov-2019Technoeconomic analysis of internal combustion engine - organic Rankine cycle systems for combined heat and power in energy-intensive buildingsSimpson, M; Chatzopoulou, M; Oyewunmi, O; Le Brun, N; Sapin, P, et al
15-Jul-2019Life cycle environmental impacts of natural gas drivetrains used in UK road freighting and impacts to UK emission targetsCooper, J; Balcombe, P; Hawkes, A;
1-Jul-2019Predicting the thermal behaviour of sands considering its moisture content and grain size with applications to geothermal heat pump installationsTorres-Rodríguez, A; Morillón-Gálvez, D; Aldama-Ávalos, D; Morales-Ramírez, JD; García Kerdan, I