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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2010Communications: Evidence for the role of fluctuations in the thermodynamics of nanoscale drops and the implications in computations of the surface tensionSampayo, JG; Malijevsky, A; Mueller, EA; de Miguel, E; Jackson, G
8-Mar-2011Integrated solvent and process design using a SAFT-VR thermodynamic description: High-pressure separation of carbon dioxide and methanePereira, FE; Keskes, E; Galindo, A; Jackson, G; Adjiman, CS
15-Dec-2010A duality-based optimisation approach for the reliable solution of (P, T) phase equilibrium in volume-composition spacePereira, FE; Jackson, G; Galindo, A; Adjiman, CS
17-Sep-2015Fluid–fluid coexistence in an athermal colloid–polymer mixture: thermodynamic perturbation theory and continuum molecular-dynamics simulationJover, J; Galindo, A; Jackson, G; Müller, EA; Haslam, AJ
1-Sep-2014Modelling of the thermodynamic and solvation properties of electrolyte solutions with the statistical associating fluid theory for potentials of variable rangeSchreckenberg, JMA; Dufal, S; Haslam, AJ; Adjiman, CS; Jackson, G, et al
26-Jul-2015Interfacial tensions of systems comprising water, carbon dioxide and diluent gases at high pressures: Experimental measurements and modelling with SAFT-VR Mie and square-gradient theoryChow, YTF; Eriksen, DK; Galindo, A; Haslam, AJ; Jackson, G, et al
23-Oct-2015SAFT-γ Force Field for the Simulation of Molecular Fluids 6. Binary and ternary mixtures comprising water, carbon dioxide, and n-alkanesMuller, EA; Jackson, G; Lobanova, O; Mejia, A
5-Aug-2015Modelling the phase and chemical equilibria of aqueous solutions of alkanolamines and carbon dioxide using the SAFT-γ SW group contribution approachChremos, A; Forte, E; Papaioannou, V; Galindo, A; Jackson, G, et al
3-Sep-2016SAFT-γ force field for the simulation of molecular fluids: 8. hetero-group coarse-grained models of perfluoroalkylalkanes assessed with new vapour-liquid interfacial tension dataMorgado, P; Lobanova, O; Almedia, M; Muller, EA; Jackson, G, et al
1-Feb-2015Aspects of asphaltene aggregation obtained from coarse-grained molecular modelingJover, JF; Mueller, EA; Haslam, AJ; Galindo, A; Jackson, G, et al