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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2015Towards a Multi-Physics Modelling Framework for Thrombolysis under the Influence of Blood FlowXu, XY; Piebalgs, A; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
2-Nov-2016Predicting false lumen thrombosis in patient-specific models of aortic dissectionMenichini, C; Cheng, Z; Gibbs, R; Xu, XY
9-Dec-2014In-vivo assessment of the morphology and hemodynamic functions of the BioValsalva (TM) composite valve-conduit graft using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and computational modelling technologyKidher, E; Cheng, Z; Jarral, OA; O'Regan, DP; Xu, XY, et al
15-Dec-2011Development of lysolipid-based thermosensitive liposomes for delivery of high molecular weight proteinsZhang, X; Luckham, PF; Hughes, AD; Thom, S; Xu, XY
7-Nov-2014Patient-specific analysis of displacement forces acting on fenestrated stent grafts for endovascular aneurysm repair.Kandail, H; Hamady, M; Xu, XY
1-Oct-2014Coronary arterial dynamics computation with medical-image-based time-dependent anatomical models and element-based zero-stress state estimatesTakizawa, K; Torii, R; Takagi, H; Tezduyar, TE; Xu, XY
1-Mar-2018Hemodynamic evaluation using four-dimensional flow magnetic resonance imaging for a patient with multichanneled aortic dissectionGuo, B; Pirola, S; Guo, D; Dong, Z; Xu, XY, et al
1-Jan-2018High wall stress may predict the formation of stent-graft-induced new entries after thoracic endovascular aortic repairMenichini, C; Pirola, S; Guo, B; Fu, W; Dong, Z, et al
28-Apr-2019An activated-platelet-sensitive nanocarrier enables targeted delivery of tissue plasminogen activator for effective thrombolytic therapyHuang, Y; Yu, L; Ren, J; Gu, B; Longstaff, C, et al
1-Jun-2018Computational study of aortic hemodynamics for patients with an abnormal aortic valve: the importance of secondary flow at the ascending aorta inletXu, XY; Pirola, S; Jarral, O; O'Regan, D; Asimakopoulos, G, et al