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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jul-2012Modelling spatial and temporal agent travel patterns for optimal charging of electric vehicles in low carbon networksAcha, S; Van Dam, KH; Shah, N; BP International Limited; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
9-Nov-2012Effect of the light regime and phototrophic conditions on growth of the H-2-producing green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiTamburic, B; Zemichael, FW; Maitland, GC; Hellgardt, K
25-Oct-2012Heat transfer augmentation in unsteady conjugate thermal systems - Part II: ApplicationsMathie, R; Nakamura, H; Markides, CN
1-Nov-2012Micro ATR FTIR imaging of hanging drop protein crystallisationGlassford, SE; Govada, L; Chayen, NE; Byrne, B; Kazarian, SG
1-Jan-2012Modelling the fluid phase behaviour of aqueous mixtures of multifunctional alkanolamines and carbon dioxide using transferable parameters with the SAFT-VR approachRodriguez, J; Mac Dowell, N; Llovell, F; Adjiman, CS; Jackson, G, et al
16-Oct-2012Characteristics of horizontal liquid-liquid flows in a circular pipe using simultaneous high-speed laser-induced fluorescence and particle velocimetryMorgan, RG; Markides, CN; Zadrazil, I; Hewitt, GF
1-May-2012The impact of CHP (combined heat and power) planning restrictions on the efficiency of urban energy systemsKeirstead, J; Samsatli, N; Shah, N; Weber, C
25-Jun-2012Compound viscous thread with electrostatic and electrokinetic effectsConroy, DT; Matar, OK; Craster, RV; Papageorgiou, DT
1-Nov-2012Effects of different dopants and doping procedures on the reactivity of CaO-based sorbents for CO2 captureAl-Jeboori, MJ; Fennell, PS; Michaela, N; Peng, K
6-Nov-2012Nonequilibrium hysteresis and Wien effect water dissociation at a bipolar membraneConroy, DT; Craster, RV; Matar, OK; Cheng, L-J; Chang, H-C