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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2014Force Fields for Coarse-Grained Molecular Simulations from a Corresponding States CorrelationMejia, A; Herdes, C; Mueller, EA
1-Apr-2014Nanopapers for organic solvent nanofiltrationMautner, A; Lee, K-Y; Lahtinen, P; Hakalahti, M; Tammelin, T, et al
26-Sep-2014Enhancing fullerene-based solar cell lifetimes by addition of a fullerene dumbbellSchroeder, BC; Li, Z; Brady, MA; Faria, GC; Ashraf, RS, et al
12-Dec-2014Phase equilibria of (CO2 + butylbenzene) and (CO2 + butylcyclohexane) at temperatures between (323.15 and 423.15) K and at pressures up to 21 MPaHou, S-X; Maitland, GC; Trusler, JPM
15-Jun-2014Catalysis in flow: operando study of Pd catalyst speciation and leachingBrazier, JB; Nguyen, BN; Adrio, LA; Barreiro, EM; Leong, WP, et al
13-Dec-2014Integration, navigation and exploration of plant topology networks using the property-graph modelRomero, DD; Thornhill, NF
1-Sep-2014Modelling of the thermodynamic and solvation properties of electrolyte solutions with the statistical associating fluid theory for potentials of variable rangeSchreckenberg, JMA; Dufal, S; Haslam, AJ; Adjiman, CS; Jackson, G, et al
9-Dec-2014In-vivo assessment of the morphology and hemodynamic functions of the BioValsalva (TM) composite valve-conduit graft using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging and computational modelling technologyKidher, E; Cheng, Z; Jarral, OA; O'Regan, DP; Xu, XY, et al
22-Dec-2014Interfacial profile and propagation of frontal photopolymerization wavesVitale, A; Hennessy, MG; Matar, OK; Cabral, JT
15-Jan-2014More Than Meets the Eye in Bacterial Cellulose: Biosynthesis, Bioprocessing, and Applications in Advanced Fiber CompositesLee, K-Y; Buldum, G; Mantalaris, A; Bismarck, A