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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2016Effect of CO2 Dissolution on the Rheology of a Heavy Oil/Water EmulsionHu, R; Trusler, JPM; Crawshaw, JP;
1-Apr-2018Thermodynamics of carbon dioxide-hydrocarbon systemsSanchez-Vicente, Y; Tay, WJ; Al Ghafri, SZ; Trusler, JPM;
4-May-2017High-resolution 3D FIB-SEM image analysis and validation of numerical simulations of nanometre-scale porous ceramic with comparisons to experimental resultsWelch, NJ; Gray, F; Butcher, AR; Boek, ES; Crawshaw, JP, et al
14-Mar-2017Convex hull approach for determining rock representative elementary volume for multiple petrophysical parameters using pore-scale imaging and Lattice-Boltzmann modellingShah, SM; Crawshaw, JP; Gray, F; Yang, J; Boek, ES, et al
6-Jun-2017Measurement of the Rheology of Crude Oil in Equilibrium with CO2 at Reservoir Conditions.Hu, R; Crawshaw, J;
6-Jul-2017Pore-filling events in single junction micro-models with corresponding lattice Boltzmann simulationsZacharoudiou, I; Chapman, E; Boek, E; Crawshaw, J;
1-Dec-2018Partial dissolution of carbonate rock grains during reactive CO<inf>2</inf>-saturated brine injection under reservoir conditionsSingh, K; Anabaraonye, BU; Blunt, MJ; Crawshaw, J;
9-Oct-2015Introduction to the Special Issue on carbon storageTrusler, JPM;
3-Jul-2015Saturated phase densities of (CO2 + H2O) at temperatures from (293 to 450) K and pressures up to 64 MPaEfika, EC; Hoballah, R; Li, X; May, EF; Nania, M, et al
11-Aug-2015Interfacial tensions of the (CO2 + N-2 + H2O) system at temperatures of (298 to 448) K and pressures up to 40 MPaChow, YTF; Maitland, GC; Trusler, JPM;