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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jun-2011High-Performance, Anode-Supported, Microtubular SOFC Prepared from Single-Step-Fabricated, Dual-Layer Hollow FibersOthman, MHD; Droushiotis, N; Wu, Z; Kelsall, G; Li, K
1-Apr-2011Contact lines over random topographical substrates. Part 2. DynamicsSavva, N; Pavliotis, GA; Kalliadasis, S
1-Nov-2011Comparison of Three Electromechanical Oscillation Damping Estimation MethodsTurunen, J; Thambirajah, J; Larsson, M; Pal, BC; Thornhill, NF, et al
1-Oct-2010Comparative review of methods for stability monitoring in electrical power systems and vibrating structuresThambirajah, J; Barocio, E; Thornhill, NF
1-Sep-2010Carbon nanotube grafted carbon fibres: A study of wetting and fibre fragmentationQian, H; Bismarck, A; Greenhalgh, ES; Shaffer, MSP
24-Aug-2010Highly Permeable Macroporous Polymers Synthesized from Pickering Medium and High Internal Phase Emulsion TemplatesIkem, VO; Menner, A; Horozov, TS; Bismarck, A
1-Apr-2010Lattice-Boltzmann studies of fluid flow in porous media with realistic rock geometriesBoek, ES; Venturoli, M
11-May-2010Effect of Deuterium Substitution on the Physical Properties of Polymer Melts and BlendsWhite, RP; Lipson, JEG; Higgins, JS
1-May-2010Thermodynamic properties and equation of state of liquid di-isodecyl phthalate at temperature between (273 and 423) K and at pressures up to 140 MPaPeleties, F; Segovia, JJ; Trusler, JPM; Vega-Maza, D
1-Nov-2010A versatile, solvent-free methodology for the functionalisation of carbon nanotubesMenzel, R; Tran, MQ; Menner, A; Kay, CWM; Bismarck, A, et al