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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Mar-2019Thermal energy processes in direct steam generation solar systems: Boiling, condensation and energy storageDriker, J; Juggurnath, D; Kaya, A; Osowade, EA; Simpson, M, et al
1-Feb-2019Diffusion-absorption refrigeration cycle simulations in gPROMS using SAFT-γ MieHarraz, AA; Freeman, J; Wang, K; Mac Dowell, N; Markides, CN, et al
1-Feb-2019Thermoeconomic assessment of a PV/T combined heating and power system for University Sport Centre of BariWang, K; Herrando, M; Pantaleo, AM; Markides, CN;
23-Jun-2019Off-design performance of a 1-kWe organic Rankine cycle (ORC) systemUnamba, C; Li, X; Song, J; Wang, K; Shu, G, et al
Sep-2019On the link between experimentally‐measured turbulence quantities and polymer‐induced drag reduction in pipe flowsVoulgaropoulos, V; Zadrazil, I; Le Brun, N; Bismarck, A; Markides, CN
1-Dec-2019Solar combined cooling, heating and power systems based on hybrid PVT, PV or solar-thermal collectors for building applicationsHerrando, M; Pantaleo, AM; Wang, K; Markides, CN
1-Feb-2019Calibration of astigmatic particle tracking velocimetry based on generalized Gaussian feature extractionFranchini, S; Charogiannis, A; Markides, CN; Blunt, MJ; Krevor, S, et al
22-Aug-2019Optimization-based investigations of a two-phase thermofluidic oscillator for low-grade heat conversionWang, Y; Markides, CN; Chachuat, B
15-Mar-2019Off-design optimisation of organic Rankine cycle (ORC) engines with piston expanders for medium-scale combined heat and power applicationsChatzopoulou, MA; Simpson, M; Sapin, P; Markides, CN; , et al
1-Dec-2019Annulus eccentricity optimisation of a phase-change material (PCM) horizontal double-pipe thermal energy storeKadivar, MR; Moghimi, MA; Sapin, P; Markides, CN; , et al