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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Mar-2019Thermocapillary and electrohydrodynamic effects on the stability of dynamic contact linesConroy, DT; Espin, L; Matar, OK; Kumar, S; , et al
13-Feb-2019Dynamics of long gas bubbles rising in a vertical tube in a cocurrent liquid flowMagnini, M; Khodaparast, S; Matar, OK; Stone, HA; Thome, JR, et al
10-Jan-2019Non-isothermal bubble rise dynamics in a self-rewetting fluid: three-dimensional effectsBalla, M; Tripathi, MK; Sahu, KC; Karapetsas, G; Matar, OK
21-Jan-2019Transport properties of water confined in a graphene nanochannelJaeger, F; Matar, OK; Müller, EA
15-Jan-2019A reduced order model for turbulent flows in the urban environment using machine learningXiao, D; Heaney, CE; Mottet, L; Fang, F; Lin, W, et al
27-Nov-2019Fundamental study of wax deposition in crude oil flows in a pipeline via interface-resolved numerical simulationsMagnini, M; Matar, OK;
20-Jul-2019Calcium sulphate crystallisation in the presence of mesoporous silica particles: experiments and population balance modellingLapidot, T; Matar, OK; Heng, JYY
19-May-2019Temperature and velocity field measurements of pool boiling using two-colour laser-induced fluorescence, infrared thermometry and particle image velocimetryVoulgaropoulos, V; Aguiar, GM; Matar, OK; Bucci, M; Markides, CN
1-Oct-2019Molecular dynamics simulation of the super spreading of surfactant-laden droplets. A reviewTheodorakis, PE; Smith, ER; Craster, RV; Müller, EA; Matar, OK, et al
23-Nov-2019Mixing viscoplastic fluids in stirred vessels over multiple scales: An experimental and CFD approachRussell, AW; Kahouadji, L; Mirpuri, K; Quarmby, A; Piccione, PM, et al