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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2020Renal monocyte chemoattractant protein-1: An emerging universal biomarker and therapeutic target for kidney diseases?Tam, FWK; Ong, ACM;
Feb-2020Results from a multi-center, non-interventional registry study for multiple myeloma patients who received stem cell mobilization regimens with and without plerixaforMorris, C; Chabannon, C; Masszi, T; Russell, N; Nahi, H, et al
1-May-2020Prolonged treatment free remission in chronic myeloid leukemia patients with previous BCR-ABL1 kinase domain mutationsClaudiani, S; Apperley, JF; Khan, A; Khorashad, JS; Milojkovic, D
2020Time from first symptom onset to the final diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma (MM) - possible risks and future solutions: retrospective and prospective ‘Deutsche Studiengruppe MM’ (DSMM) and ‘European Myeloma Network’ (EMN) analysisGraziani, G; Herget, G; Ihorst, G; Zeissig, M; Chaidos, A, et al
4-Feb-2020LUMI-PCR: an Illumina platform ligation-mediated PCR protocol for integration site cloning, provides molecular quantitation of integration sitesDawes, J; Webster, P; Iadarola, B; Garcia-Diaz, C; Dore, M, et al
7-Feb-2020Randomized, controlled trial of tacrolimus and prednisolone monotherapy for adults with De Novo minimal change disease: a multicenter, randomized, controlled trialMedjeral-Thomas, NR; Lawrence, C; Condon, M; Sood, B; Warwicker, P, et al
May-2020Frequency of thrombocytopenia and heparin induced thrombocytopenia in patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation compared to cardiopulmonary bypass and the limited sensitivity of pre-test probability scoreJayakody Arachchillage, DR; Laffan, M; Khanna, S; Vandenbriele, C; Kamani, F, et al
14-Jan-2020Inflammation-induced IgE promotes epithelial hyperplasia and tumour growthHayes, MD; Ward, S; Crawford, G; Castro Seoane, R; Jackson, WD, et al
9-Mar-2020Cellular memory enhances bacterial chemotactic navigation in rugged environmentsGosztolai, A; Barahona, M;
11-Feb-2020B cell diversification Is uncoupled from SAP-mediated selection forces in chronic germinal centers within Peyer's patchesBiram, A; Winter, E; Denton, AE; Zaretsky, I; Dassa, B, et al