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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2018Enhanced activity of ADAMTS13 variant (R568K/F592Y/R660K/Y661F/Y665F) against platelet agglutination in vitro and in a murine model of acute ischaemic strokeSouth, K; Denorme, F; Salles, I; De Meyer, S; Lane, D, et al
29-Jul-2019Exosites in hypervariable loops of ADAMTS dpacer domains control substrate recognition and proteolysisSantamaria, S; Yamamoto, Y; Teraz-Orosz, A; Koch, C; Apte, SS, et al
22-Aug-2019Crystal structure and substrate-induced activation of ADAMTS13Petri, A; Kim, HJ; Xu, Y; De Groot, R; Li, C, et al
24-Mar-2020Antibodies that conformationally activate ADAMTS13 allosterically enhance metalloprotease domain functionSchelpe, A-S; Petri, A; Roose, E; Pareyn, I; Deckmyn, H, et al
21-Apr-2020Activated αIIbβ3 on platelets mediates flow-dependent NETosis via SLC44A2.Constantinescu-Bercu, A; Grassi, L; Frontini, M; Salles-Crawley, II; Woollard, K, et al
Jan-2020Partial rescue of naturally occurring active site factor X variants through decreased inhibition by tissue factor pathway inhibitor and antithrombin.Ahnström, J; Gierula, M; Temenu, J; Laffan, MA; Lane, DA, et al
3-Jul-2020SLC44A2-A novel therapeutic target for venous thrombosis?Constantinescu-Bercu, A; Salles-Crawley, II; Crawley, JTB;
1-Oct-2019The potential of serpins for future treatment for haemophiliaAhnström, J;
13-Jun-2019The heparin binding domain of von Willebrand factor binds to growth factors and promotes angiogenesis in wound healingIshihara, J; Ishihara, A; Starke, RD; Peghaire, CR; Smith, KE, et al
22-Oct-2020Mode of induction of platelet-derived extracellular vesicles is a critical determinant of their phenotype and functionFerreira, PM; Bozbas, E; Tannetta, SD; Alroqaiba, N; Zhou, R, et al