A flat universe from high-resolution maps of the cosmic microwave background radiation

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Title: A flat universe from high-resolution maps of the cosmic microwave background radiation
Authors: De Bernardis, P
Ade, PAR
Bock, JJ
Bond, JR
Borrill, J
Boscaleri, A
Coble, K
Crill, BP
De Gasperis, G
Farese, PC
Ferreira, PG
Ganga, K
Giacometti, M
Hivon, E
Hristov, VV
Iacoangell, A
Jaffe, AH
Lange, AE
Martinis, L
Masi, S
Mason, PV
Mauskopf, PD
Melchiorri, A
Miglio, L
Montroy, T
Netterfield, CB
Pascale, E
Placentini, F
Pogosyan, D
Prunet, S
Rao, S
Romeo, G
Ruhl, JE
Scaramuzzi, F
Sforna, D
Vittorio, N
Item Type: Journal Article
Abstract: The blackbody radiation left over from the Big Bang has been transformed by the expansion of the Universe into the nearly isotropic 2.73 K cosmic microwave background. Tiny inhomogeneities in the early Universe left their imprint on the microwave background in the form of small anisotropies in its temperature. These anisotropies contain information about basic cosmological parameters, particularly the total energy density and curvature of the Universe. Here we report the first images of resolved structure in the microwave background anisotropies over a significant part of the sky. Maps at four frequencies clearly distinguish the microwave background from foreground emission. We compute the angular power spectrum of the microwave background, and find a peak at Legendre multipole I(peak) = (197 ± 6), with an amplitude ΔT200= (69 ± 8) μK. This is consistent with that expected for cold dark matter models in a flat (euclidean) Universe, as favoured by standard inflationary models.
Issue Date: 27-Apr-2000
Date of Acceptance: 3-Apr-2000
ISSN: 0028-0836
Publisher: Springer Nature
Start Page: 955
End Page: 959
Journal / Book Title: Nature
Volume: 404
Issue: 6781
Copyright Statement: © 2000 Macmillan Magazines Ltd.
Keywords: astro-ph
MD Multidisciplinary
General Science & Technology
Publication Status: Published
Online Publication Date: 2000-04-27
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