Robust Kronecker-decomposable component analysis for low-rank modeling

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Title: Robust Kronecker-decomposable component analysis for low-rank modeling
Authors: Bahri, M
Panagakis, Y
Zafeiriou, S
Item Type: Conference Paper
Abstract: Dictionary learning and component analysis are part of one of the most well-studied and active research fields, at the intersection of signal and image processing, computer vision, and statistical machine learning. In dictionary learning, the current methods of choice are arguably K-SVD and its variants, which learn a dictionary (i.e., a decomposition) for sparse coding via Singular Value Decomposition. In robust component analysis, leading methods derive from Principal Component Pursuit (PCP), which recovers a low-rank matrix from sparse corruptions of unknown magnitude and support. However, K-SVD is sensitive to the presence of noise and outliers in the training set. Additionally, PCP does not provide a dictionary that respects the structure of the data (e.g., images), and requires expensive SVD computations when solved by convex relaxation. In this paper, we introduce a new robust decomposition of images by combining ideas from sparse dictionary learning and PCP. We propose a novel Kronecker-decomposable component analysis which is robust to gross corruption, can be used for low-rank modeling, and leverages separability to solve significantly smaller problems. We design an efficient learning algorithm by drawing links with a restricted form of tensor factorization. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is demonstrated on real-world applications, namely background subtraction and image denoising, by performing a thorough comparison with the current state of the art.
Issue Date: 25-Dec-2017
Date of Acceptance: 22-Oct-2017
ISBN: 9781538610329
ISSN: 1550-5499
Publisher: IEEE
Start Page: 3372
End Page: 3381
Journal / Book Title: 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)
Volume: 2017
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Sponsor/Funder: Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
Funder's Grant Number: EP/N007743/1
Conference Name: IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV)
Keywords: Science & Technology
Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Engineering, Electrical & Electronic
Computer Science
Publication Status: Published
Start Date: 2017-10-22
Finish Date: 2017-10-29
Conference Place: Venice, Italy
Online Publication Date: 2017-12-25
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