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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Aug-2018Author correction: P53 and mTOR signalling determine fitness selection through cell competition during early mouse embryonic developmentBowling, S; Di Gregorio, A; Sancho, M; Pozzi, S; Aarts, M, et al
8-Jul-2015Netrin-1 regulates somatic cell reprogramming and pluripotency maintenanceOzmadenci, D; Féraud, O; Markossian, S; Kress, E; Ducarouge, B, et al
28-Jul-2009Several distinct polycomb complexes regulate and co-localize on the INK4a tumor suppressor locusMaertens, GN; Messaoudi-Aubert, SE; Racek, T; Stock, JK; Nicholls, J, et al
15-Aug-2016Controlling secretion to limit chemoresistanceGeorgilis, A; Gil, J
24-Jan-2019Systems-genetics identifies a macrophage cholesterol network associated with physiological wound healingBagnati, M; Moreno-Moral, A; Ko, J-H; Nicod, J; Harmston, N, et al
29-Sep-2015CBX7 and miR-9 are part of an autoregulatory loop controlling p16(INK) (4a).O'Loghlen, A; Brookes, S; Martin, N; Rapisarda, V; Peters, G, et al
27-Apr-2017An adaptive signaling network in melanoma inflammatory niches confers tolerance to MAPK signaling inhibitionYoung, HL; Rowling, EJ; Bugatti, M; Giurisato, E; Luheshi, N, et al
1-May-2018Tumour compartment transcriptomics demonstrate the activation of inflammatory and odontogenic programmes in human adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma and identify the MAPK/ERK pathway as a novel therapeutic targetApps, JR; Carreno, G; Gonzalez-Meljem, JM; Haston, S; Guiho, R, et al
7-Nov-2017Senescence and aging – causes, consequences, and therapeutic avenuesMcHugh, D; Gil, J
14-Nov-2017Coupling shRNA screens with single-cell RNA-Seq identifies a dual role for mTOR in reprogramming-induced senescenceAarts, M; Georgilis, A; Beniazza, M; Beolchi, P; Banito, A, et al