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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Mar-2009Characterization of High-Intensity Laser Propagation in the Relativistic Transparent Regime through Measurements of Energetic Proton BeamsWillingale, L; Nagel, SR; Thomas, AGR; Bellei, C; Clarke, RJ, et al
2-May-2008Dynamic densification behavior of nanoiron powders under shock compressionDai, C; Eakins, D; Thadhani, N
11-Apr-2008Radiation energetics of ICF-relevant wire-array Z pinchesSinars, DB; Lemke, RW; Cuneo, ME; Lebedev, SV; Waisman, EM, et al
22-Feb-2008Magnetic cavitation and the reemergence of nonlocal transport in laser plasmasRidgers, CP; Kingham, RJ; Thomas, AGR
3-Oct-2006Instrumented Taylor Anvil-on-Rod Impact Test for validating applicability of standard strength models to transient deformation statesEakins, DE; Thadhani, NN
25-Jan-2008Supersonic radiatively cooled rotating flows and jets in the laboratoryAmpleford, DJ; Lebedev, SV; Ciardi, A; Bland, SN; Bott, SC, et al
15-Feb-2007Shock compression response of nanoiron powder compactDai, C; Eakins, D; Thadhani, N; Liu, JP
2-Nov-2009Controlling the spectrum of x-rays generated in a laser-plasma accelerator by tailoring the laser wavefrontMangles, SPD; Genoud, G; Kneip, S; Burza, M; Cassou, K, et al
1-Apr-2008Mesoscale simulation of the configuration-dependent shock-compression response of Ni+Al powder mixturesEakins, DE; Thadhani, NN
8-Feb-2008Full-trajectory diagnosis of laser-driven radiative blast waves in search of thermal plasma instabilitiesMoore, AS; Gumbrell, ET; Lazarus, J; Hohenberger, M; Robinson, JS, et al