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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2015Neutron spectra from beam-target reactions in dense Z-pinchesAppelbe, B; Chittenden, J
5-Oct-2015Instability growth for magnetized liner inertial fusion seeded by electro-thermal, electro-choric, and material strength effectsPecover, JD; Chittenden, JP
14-Jul-2015Ablation dynamics in wire array Z-pinches under modifications on global magnetic field topologyVeloso, F; Munoz-Cordovez, G; Donoso-Tapia, L; Valenzuela-Villaseca, V; Suzuki-Vidal, F, et al
14-Jul-2015Cylindrical plasmas generated by an annular beam of ultraviolet lightThomas, DM
25-Nov-2015Characterisation of the current switch mechanism in two-stage wire array Z-pinchesBurdiak, GC; Lebedev, SV; Harvey-Thompson, AJ; Hall, GN; Swadling, GF, et al
9-Sep-2013Ultra-bright, ultra-broadband hard x-ray driven by laser-produced energetic electron beamsShi, Y; Shen, B; Zhang, X; Wang, W; Ji, L, et al
18-Oct-2016Comparison of dust transport modelling codes in a tokamak plasmaUccello, A; Gervasini, G; Ghezzi, F; Lazzaro, E; Bacharis, M, et al
16-May-2016Signatures of asymmetry in neutron spectra and images predicted by three-dimensional radiation hydrodynamics simulations of indirect drive implosionsChittenden, JP; Appelbe, BD; Manke, F; McGlinchey, K; Niasse, NPL
4-May-2016Experimental investigations of ablation stream interaction dynamics in tungsten wire arrays: interpenetration, magnetic field advection, and ion deflectionSwadling, GF; Lebedev, SV; Hall, GN; Suzuki-Vidal, F; Burdiak, GC, et al
27-May-2014Motion of the plasma critical layer during relativistic-electron laser interaction with immobile and comoving ion plasma for ion accelerationa)Sahai, AA