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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Oct-2006Instrumented Taylor Anvil-on-Rod Impact Test for validating applicability of standard strength models to transient deformation statesEakins, DE; Thadhani, NN
-Development of the gas gun driven expanding cylinder techniqueJones, D; Eakins, DE; Hazell, P; Chapman, D; Appleby-Thomas, G
1-Apr-2008Mesoscale simulation of the configuration-dependent shock-compression response of Ni+Al powder mixturesEakins, DE; Thadhani, NN
31-Mar-2016Evaluating scintillator performance in time-resolved hard X-ray studies at synchrotron light sourcesRutherford, ME; Chapman, DJ; White, TG; Drakopoulos, M; Rack, A, et al
17-Dec-2015On the Formation of Adiabatic Shear Bands in Textured HCP PolycrystalsZhang, Z; Eakins, DE; Dunne, FPE
1-Jan-2014Gas gun driven dynamic fracture and fragmentation of Ti-6Al-4V cylindersJones, DR; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, DE
1-Jan-2014Technique to measure change in birefringence under shock compressionTear, GR; Eakins, DE; Chapman, DJ; Proud, WG
1-Jan-2014On the residual yield stress of shocked metalsChapman, DJ; Eakins, DE; Proud, WG; Savinykh, AS; Garkushin, GV, et al
1-Jan-2014VISAR 'cross-hairs': Simultaneous perpendicular line-imaging VISARWinters, JBR; Bland, SN; Stafford, SJP; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, DE
1-Jan-2014Spatially resolved shock response at dry metallic multi-material interfacesCollinson, MA; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, DE