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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jun-2010Anisotropy of Solar Wind Turbulence between Ion and Electron ScalesChen, CHK; Horbury, TS; Schekochihin, AA; Wicks, RT; Alexandrova, O, et al
31-Dec-2010Anomalous Anisotropy in the Explosion of Rare-Gas Clusters Irradiated with Intense Few-Cycle Laser PulsesSmith, RA; Skopalov√°, E; El-Taha, YC; Zair, A; Hohenberger, M, et al
21-Feb-2017Anomalous heating and plasmoid formation in a driven magnetic reconnection experimentHare, JD; Suttle, L; Lebedev, SV; Loureiro, NF; Ciardi, A, et al
9-Nov-2016Atomization and merging of two Al and W wires driven by a 1 kA, 10 ns current pulseWu, J; Li, X; Lu, Y; Lebedev, SV; Yang, Z, et al
16-Sep-2016Axial mass fraction measurements in a 300kA dense plasma focusBendixsen, LSC; Bott-Suzuki, SC; Cordaro, SW; Krishnan, M; Chapman, S, et al
13-Jan-2017Birefringence measurements in single crystal sapphire and calcite shocked along the a axisTear, GR; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, D; Proud, W
1-Dec-2010Bright spatially coherent synchrotron X-rays from a table-top sourceKneip, S; McGuffey, C; Martins, JL; Martins, SF; Bellei, C, et al
-Bright X-ray radiation from plasma bubbles in an evolving laser wakefield acceleratorBloom, MS; Streeter, MJV; Kneip, S; Bendoyro, RA; Cheklov, O, et al
18-Jan-2016Buffered high charge spectrally-peaked proton beams in the relativistic-transparency regimeDover, N; Palmer, CAJ; Streeter, MJV; Ahmed, H; Albertazzi, B, et al
1-Sep-2014Characterisation of deuterium spectra from laser driven multi-species sources by employing differentially filtered image plate detectors in Thomson spectrometersAlejo, A; Kar, S; Ahmed, H; Krygier, AG; Doria, D, et al
25-Nov-2015Characterisation of the current switch mechanism in two-stage wire array Z-pinchesBurdiak, GC; Lebedev, SV; Harvey-Thompson, AJ; Hall, GN; Swadling, GF, et al
27-Mar-2009Characterization of High-Intensity Laser Propagation in the Relativistic Transparent Regime through Measurements of Energetic Proton BeamsWillingale, L; Nagel, SR; Thomas, AGR; Bellei, C; Clarke, RJ, et al
1-Aug-2015Commissioning of a Rotated Wire Array Configuration for Improved Diagnostic Access (October 2014)Swadling, GF; Hall, GN; Lebedev, SV; Burdiak, GC; Suzuki-Vidal, F, et al
7-Jul-2016Comparative study on the temporal contrast of femtosecond mode-locked laser oscillatorsStuart, NH; Robinson, TS; Hillier, D; Hopps, N; Parry, B, et al
18-Oct-2016Comparison of dust transport modelling codes in a tokamak plasmaUccello, A; Gervasini, G; Ghezzi, F; Lazzaro, E; Bacharis, M, et al
2-Dec-2010Complete Temporal Characterization of Asymmetric Pulse Compression in a Laser WakefieldSchreiber, J; Bellei, C; Mangles, SPD; Kamperidis, C; Kneip, S, et al
2-Nov-2009Controlling the spectrum of x-rays generated in a laser-plasma accelerator by tailoring the laser wavefrontMangles, SPD; Genoud, G; Kneip, S; Burza, M; Cassou, K, et al
13-Nov-2013Correlations at Large Scales and the Onset of Turbulence in the Fast Solar WindWicks, RT; Roberts, DA; Mallet, A; Schekochihin, AA; Horbury, TS, et al
2-Aug-2017Counter-propagating radiative shock experiments on the Orion laserSuzuki Vidal, F; Clayson, T; Swadling, GF; Lebedev, SV; Burdiak, GC, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 221
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