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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Dec-2018Stein fillings and SU(2) representationsBaldwin, JA; Sivek, S
15-Mar-2019On the complexity of torus knot recognitionBaldwin, JA; Sivek, S
2-Aug-2019Representations, sheaves, and legendrian (2,m) torus linksChantraine, B; Ng, L; Sivek, S
27-Nov-2019Khovanov homology detects the Hopf linksBaldwin, JA; Sivek, S; Xie, Y
-Augmentations are SheavesNg, L; Rutherford, D; Shende, V; Sivek, S; Zaslow, E
-SU(2)-cyclic surgeries and the pillowcaseSivek, S; Zentner, R