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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Apr-2015001 OP: UCL Qualitative Health Research Symposium 2015: Enriching qualitative inquiry in healthBaim-Lance, A; Black, G; Llewellyn, H; McGregor, LM; Vindrola-Padros, C, et al
13-Jan-20101995 Feels So Close Yet So Far: The Effect of Event Markers on Subjective Feelings of Elapsed TimeZauberman, G; Levav, J; Diehl, K; Bhargave, R
4-Sep-2019A Big Picture Approach to (C)SR: Where Are We Now?Hemingway, CA; Schwartz, M; Harris, H; Comer, DR
21-Apr-2017A case of comic reflection with a cause: Ellen DeGeneresEisingerich, AB; Bettanin, S; Dong, L
18-Nov-2019A classification of information-based environmental regulation: voluntariness, compliance and beyondBowen, F; Tang, S; Panagiotopoulos, P
9-Mar-2012A Collaboratively-Derived Science-Policy Research AgendaSutherland, WJ; Bellingan, L; Bellingham, JR; Blackstock, JJ; Bloomfield, RM, et al
22-Oct-2015A comment on "computational complexity of stochastic programming problems"Hanasusanto, GA; Kuhn, D; Wiesemann, W; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
5-Aug-2011A comprehensive evaluation of the impact of telemonitoring in patients with long-term conditions and social care needs: protocol for the Whole Systems Demonstrator cluster randomised trialBower, P; Cartwright, M; Hirani, S; Barlow, JG; Hendy, J, et al
1-Jun-2015A distributionally robust perspective on uncertainty quantification and chance constrained programmingHanasusanto, GA; Roitch, V; Kuhn, D; Wiesemann, W
14-Nov-2018A double-edged sword: cultural entrepreneurship and the mobilization of morally tainted cultural resourcesDalpiaz, E; Cavotta, V
1-Sep-2018A falling of the veils: Turning points and momentous turning points in leadership and the creation of CSRHemingway, CA; Starkey, K
24-Jun-2019A framework for examining the heterogeneous opportunities of value creation in private equity buyoutsCastellaneta, F; Hannus, S; Wright, M
20-Aug-2008A general theory of organizational stigmaDevers, CE; Dewett, T; Mishina, Y; Belsito, CA
30-Dec-2014A microsimulation model to evaluate Italian householdss financial vulnerabilityMichelangeli, V; Pietrunti, M
1-Aug-2017A multifocal framework for developing intentionally sustainable organizationsPinto, J
1-Jul-2018A note on how to sell a network goodRaposo Osorio Veiga, A
21-Jan-2016A note on relaxations of the choice network revenue management dynamic programTalluri, KT; Kunnumkal, S
1-Jan-2019A one-year cost–utility analysis of REBOA versus RTACC for non-compressible torso haemorrhageRenna, MS; Van Zeller, C; Abu-Hijleh, F; Tong, C; Gambini, J, et al
-A primal-dual lifting scheme for two-stage robust optimizationGeorghiou, A; Tsoukalas, A; Wiesemann, W; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (E
31-Jul-2017A qualitative inquiry into the barriers and facilitators to achieving home deathSayma, M; Saleh, D; Kerwat, D; Jamshaid, S; Ahmed, A, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 818