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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Nov-2019Uncertainty in the evolution of climate feedback traced to the strength of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning CirculationLin, Y; Hwang, Y; Ceppi, P; Gregory, J
10-Oct-2019How accurately can the climate sensitivity to CO₂ be estimated from historical climate change?Gregory, JM; Andrews, T; Ceppi, P; Mauritsen, T; Webb, MJ
13-Mar-2014Trends in the CERES dataset, 2000-13: the effects of sea ice and jet shifts and comparison to climate modelsHartmann, DL; Ceppi, P
1-Feb-2012Revisiting Swiss temperature trends 1959-2008Ceppi, P; Scherrer, SC; Fischer, AM; Appenzeller, C
1-May-2013On the speed of the eddy-driven jet and the width of the hadley cell in the Southern HemisphereCeppi, P; Hartmann, DL
16-Jun-2013The relationship between the ITCZ and the Southern Hemispheric eddy-driven jetCeppi, P; Hwang, Y-T; Liu, X; Frierson, DMW; Hartmann, DL
5-Oct-2012Southern Hemisphere jet latitude biases in CMIP5 models linked to shortwave cloud forcingCeppi, P; Hwang, Y-T; Frierson, DMW; Hartmann, DL
1-Dec-2012Snow-albedo feedback and Swiss spring temperature trendsScherrer, SC; Ceppi, P; Croci-Maspoli, M; Appenzeller, C
1-Jan-2016Mechanisms of the negative shortwave cloud feedback in middle to high latitudesCeppi, P; Hartmann, DL; Webb, MJ
27-Sep-2015Mixed-phase cloud physics and Southern Ocean cloud feedback in climate modelsMcCoy, DT; Hartmann, DL; Zelinka, MD; Ceppi, P; Grosvenor, DP