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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2018Dynamic pricing in one-sided autonomous ride-sourcing marketsKaramanis, R; Angeloudis, P; Sivakumar, A; Stettler, M
-Positive and negative contamination in user interactionsBaxter, W; Aurisicchio, M; Mugge, R; Childs, PRN
1-Jul-2019Human-in-the-loop design with machine learningWang, P; Peng, D; Li, L; Chen, L; Wu, C, et al
18-Jan-2018Economic value of inertia in low-carbon power systemsBadesa, L; Teng, F; Strbac, G; , et al
-Enhancing distribution network visibility using contingency analysis toolsHuyghues-Beaufond, N; Jakeman, A; Tindemans, S; Strbac, G; , et al
-A simulation framework to analyse weather-induced faultsJamieson, M; Strbac, G; Tindemans, S; Bell, K;
24-Sep-2018Incorporating demand flexibility in strategic generation investment planningOderinwale, T; Papadaskalopoulos, D; Ye, Y; Strbac, G
27-Aug-2014Facilitating and coordinating UK energy innovation through systemic innovation intermediariesHannon, M; Skea, J; Rhodes, A; Hekkert, M
5-Jan-2007DBP formation from the chlorination of organics in tea and coffeeBond, T; Tang, S; Templeton, MR
23-Mar-2015Storage in the electricity marketGreen, RJ; Staffell, I;