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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2020Data-driven intelligent optimisation of discontinuous compositesFinley, JM; Shaffer, MSP; Pimenta, S;
15-Apr-2020Model reduction for Model Predictive Control of district and communal heating systems within cooperative energy systemsLyons, B; O'Dwyer, E; Shah, N;
14-Feb-2020Quantification of the energy storage contribution to security of supply through the F-factor methodologyGiannelos, S; Djapic, P; Pudjianto, D; Strbac, G; , et al
18-Jan-2018Economic value of inertia in low-carbon power systemsBadesa, L; Teng, F; Strbac, G; , et al
-Enhancing distribution network visibility using contingency analysis toolsHuyghues-Beaufond, N; Jakeman, A; Tindemans, S; Strbac, G; , et al
29-Apr-2018An optimisation study on integrating and incentivising Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in a dwelling energy systemOluleye, G; Hawkes, AD; Allison, J; Kelly, N; Clarke, J, et al
-A simulation framework to analyse weather-induced faultsJamieson, M; Strbac, G; Tindemans, S; Bell, K;
1-Mar-2020The influence of variability and defects on the mechanical performance of tailorable compositesFinley, J; Henry, J; Shaffer, M; Pimenta, S;
Apr-2020Localizing leakage hotspots in water distribution networks via the regularization of an inverse problemBlocher, C; Pecci, F; Stoianov, I;
27-Jun-2015Integration of cost modelling within the micro-siting design optimisation of tidal turbine arraysCulley, DM; Funke, SW; Kramer, SC; Piggott, MD; , et al