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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-May-2018Estimation of costs to the NHS and social care due to the health impacts of air pollutionPimpin, L; Retat, L; Fecht, D; De Preux Gallone, LB; Sassi, F, et al
11-Jan-2016Spatial and temporal associations of road traffic noise and air pollution in London: Implications for epidemiological studiesFecht, D; Hansell, A; Morley, D; Dajnak, D; Vienneau, D, et al
23-Oct-2016Long-term exposure to traffic pollution and hospital admissions in London.Halonen, JI; Blangiardo, M; Toledano, MB; Fecht, D; Gulliver, J, et al
22-Apr-2016Back-extrapolated and year-specific NO2 land use regression models for Great Britain - Do they yield different exposure assessment?Gulliver, J; De Hoogh, K; Hoek, G; Vienneau, D; Fecht, D, et al
5-Dec-2017Impacts of London's road traffic air and noise pollution on birth weight: a retrospective population-based cohort studySmith, RB; Fecht, D; Gulliver, J; Beevers, SD; Dajnak, D, et al
1-Nov-2018Environment, cancer and inequalities-The urgent need for preventionVineis, P; Fecht, D;
1-Sep-2018Traffic-related air pollution and solid organ transplant failure in Great Britain: A retrospective cohort studyPierotti, L; Schofield, SJ; Collett, D; Fecht, D; De Hoogh, K, et al
1-Jun-2016Evaluation of geospatial methods to generate subnational HIV prevalence estimates for local level planningHallett, TB; Anderson, S-J; Asante, CA; Bartlett, N; Bendaud, V, et al
15-Apr-2020Availability, access, analysis and dissemination of small area dataHodgson, S; Fecht, D; Gulliver, J; Daby, H; Piel, F, et al
1-Apr-2014Vulnerability to the mortality effects of warm temperature in the districts of England and WalesBennett, JE; Blangiardo, M; Fecht, D; Elliott, P; Ezzati, M, et al