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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Dec-2017Impacts of London's road traffic air and noise pollution on birth weight: a retrospective population-based cohort studySmith, RB; Fecht, D; Gulliver, J; Beevers, SD; Dajnak, D, et al
1-Nov-2018Environment, cancer and inequalities-The urgent need for preventionVineis, P; Fecht, D;
15-Apr-2020Availability, access, analysis and dissemination of small area dataHodgson, S; Fecht, D; Gulliver, J; Daby, H; Piel, F, et al
1-Apr-2014Vulnerability to the mortality effects of warm temperature in the districts of England and WalesBennett, JE; Blangiardo, M; Fecht, D; Elliott, P; Ezzati, M, et al
15-Apr-2020Advances in mapping population and demographic characteristics at small area levelsFecht, D; Piel, F; Cockings, S; Hodgson, S; Martin, D, et al
18-Jun-2017Road traffic noise and incident cardiovascular disease: a joint analysis of HUNT, EPIC-Oxford and UK BiobankCai, Y; Hodgson, S; Blangiardo, M; Gulliver, J; Morley, D, et al
8-May-2020Report 21: Estimating COVID-19 cases and reproduction number in BrazilMellan, T; Hoeltgebaum, H; Mishra, S; Whittaker, C; Schnekenberg, R, et al
23-Apr-2020Report 16: Role of testing in COVID-19 controlGrassly, N; Pons Salort, M; Parker, E; White, P; Ainslie, K, et al
30-Mar-2020Report 13: Estimating the number of infections and the impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions on COVID-19 in 11 European countriesFlaxman, S; Mishra, S; Gandy, A; Unwin, H; Coupland, H, et al
1-May-2020Accelerating invasion potential of disease vector Aedes aegypti under climate changeIwamura, T; Guzman-Holst, A; Murray, K;