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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Feb-2020Slate: extending Firedrake's domain-specific abstraction to hybridized solvers for geoscience and beyondGibson, T; Mitchell, L; Ham, D; Cotter, C; , et al
26-Mar-2020Stability series for the complexation of six key siderophore functional Groups with uranyl using density functional theoryKirby, ME; Sonnenberg, JL; Simperler, A; Weiss, DJ;
28-Mar-2020Englacial architecture and age‐depth constraints across the West Antarctic Ice SheetAshmore, DW; Bingham, RG; Ross, N; Siegert, MJ; Jordan, TA, et al
3-Apr-2020Global sensitivity analysis of chemistry-climate model budgets of tropospheric ozone and OH: exploring model diversityWild, O; Voulgarakis, A; O'Connor, F; Lamarque, J-F; Ryan, EM, et al
1-Aug-2020The geochemical behavior of Cu and its isotopes in the Yangtze RiverWang, Q; Zhou, L; Little, SH; Liu, J; Feng, L, et al
1-Feb-2019Light limitation and partial mycoheterotrophy in rhizoctonia-associated orchidsSchweiger, JM-I; Kemnade, C; Bidartondo, MI; Gebauer, G;
2020Along‐arc heterogeneity in local seismicity across the lesser antilles subduction zone from a dense ocean‐bottom seismometer networkBie, L; Rietbrock, A; Hicks, S; Allen, R; Blundy, J, et al
Mar-2020Insecticide exposure during brood or early-adult development reduces brain growth and impairs adult learning in bumblebeesSmith, D; Arce, A; Ana, RR; Bischoff, P; Burris, D, et al
18-Feb-2020The phenotype paradox: lessons from natural transcriptome evolution on how to engineer plantsLaw, J; Ng, K; Windram, O;
9-Oct-2015A Potential Vorticity Signature for the Cold Sector of Winter Extratropical CyclonesVanniere, B; Czaja, A; Dacre, H; Woollings, T; Parfitt, R, et al