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5-May-2017A high-resolution synthetic bed elevation grid of the Antarctic continentGraham, F; Roberts, J; Galton-Fenzi, B; Young, D; Blankenship, D, et al
1-Aug-2013A hybrid modelling approach to develop scenarios for China's carbon dioxide emissions to 2050Gambhir, A; Schulz, N; Napp, T; Tong, D; Munuera, L, et al
1-Jan-2015A large ozone-circulation feedback and its implications for global warming assessmentsNowack, PJ; Abraham, NL; Maycock, AC; Braesicke, P; Gregory, JM, et al
14-Jun-2019A low-potential terminal oxidase associated with the iron-only nitrogenase from the nitrogen-fixing bacterium Azotobacter vinelandiiVarghese, F; Kabasakal, BV; Cotton, CA; Schumacher, J; Rutherford, AW, et al
19-Oct-2016A model analysis of climate and CO<inf>2</inf> controls on tree growth and carbon allocation in a semi-arid woodlandLi, G; Harrison, SP; Prentice, IC
1-Jul-2014A model of plant isoprene emission based on available reducing power captures responses to atmospheric CO2Morfopoulos, C; Sperlich, D; Penuelas, J; Filella, I; Llusia, J, et al
Sep-2020A multi-omic analysis of birthweight in newborn cord blood reveals new underlying mechanisms related to cholesterol metabolismChadeau, M; Alfano, R; Ghantous, A; Keski-Rahkonen, P; Chatzi, L, et al
7-Nov-2015A multi-source flow model for CCS pipeline transportation networksBrown, S; Mahgerefteh, H; Martynov, S; Sundara, V; Mac Dowell, N
1-Jun-2020A multiscale model of wood pyrolysis in fire to study the roles of chemistry and heat transfer at the mesoscaleRichter, F; Rein, G;
1-Nov-2019A new generation of emissions scenarios should cover blind spots in the carbon budget spaceFujimori, S; Rogelj, J; Krey, V; Riahi, K
1-Nov-2014A New SATIRE-S Spectral Solar Irradiance Reconstruction for Solar Cycles 21-23 and Its Implications for Stratospheric OzoneBall, WT; Krivova, NA; Unruh, YC; Haigh, JD; Solanki, SK
7-Dec-2016A novel approach for estimating urban water end use characteristics of cities in the developing worldMuniina, K; Maksimovic, C; Graham, N
1-Dec-2013A novel approach to assessing the prevalence and drivers of illegal bushmeat hunting in the serengetiNuno, A; Bunnefeld, N; Naiman, LC; Milner-Gulland, EJ
25-Oct-2016A novel peer-to-peer congestion pricing marketplace enabled by vehicle-automationLe Vine, SE; Polak, J
1-Apr-2015A novel regenerative hydrogen cerium fuel cell for energy storage applicationsHewa Dewage, HARINI; Wu, BILLY; Tsoi, ANTHONY; Yufit, VLADIMIR; Offer, GREGORY, et al
28-Jan-2016A one-step Cu/ZnO Quasi-Homogeneous Catalyst for DME Production from Syn-gasGarcia Trenco, A; White, E; Shaffer, M; Williams, CK;
13-May-2015A parallel edge orientation algorithm for quadrilateral meshesHomolya, M; Ham, DA;
14-Jun-2016A physically meaningful equivalent circuit network model of a lithium-ion battery accounting for local electrochemical and thermal behaviour, variable double layer capacitance and degradationSrbik; Marinescu; Martinez-botas; Offer, GJ; , et al
9-Oct-2015A Potential Vorticity Signature for the Cold Sector of Winter Extratropical CyclonesVanniere, B; Czaja, A; Dacre, H; Woollings, T; Parfitt, R, et al
1-Jun-2015A primal-dual mimetic finite element scheme for the rotating shallow water equations on polygonal spherical meshesThuburn, J; Cotter, CJ
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 21 to 40 of 1187