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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Oct-2015Energy system crossroads - time for decisions: UK 2030 low carbon scenarios and pathways - key decision points for a decarbonised energy systemMacLean, K; Gross,; Hannon, M; rhodes,; parrish,
10-Aug-2015A conserved interaction between a C-terminal motif in Norovirus VPg and the HEAT-1 domain of eIF4G is essential for translation initiationCurry, S; Leen, EN; Sorgeloos, F; Correia, S; Chaudhry, Y, et al
3-Apr-2017Moving mesh methods in Fluidity and FiredrakeMcManus, TM; Percival, JR; Yeager, BA; Barral, N; Gorman, GJ, et al
11-Sep-2016A simple proposal for the publication of journal citation distributionsLariviere, V; Kiermer, V; MacCallum, CJ; McNutt, M; Patterson, M, et al
30-Jun-2017Sustainable energy options and implications for land useFritsche, UR; Berndes, B; Cowie, AL; Dale, VH; Kline, KL, et al
25-May-2017Untangling Academic Publishing: A history of the relationship between commercial interests, academic prestige and the circulation of researchFyfe, A; Coate, K; Curry, S; Lawson, S; Moxham, N, et al
22-Dec-2016Best practice in heat decarbonisation policy: A review of the international experience of policies to promote the uptake of low-carbon heat supplyHanna, RF; Gross, R; Parrish, B; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
19-Mar-2019Experiences and lessons in managing water from Cape TownParks, R; Mclaren, M; Toumi, R; Rivett, U
-A facility to Search for Hidden Particles (SHiP) at the CERN SPSCollaboration, S; Anelli, M; Aoki, S; Arduini, G; Back, JJ, et al
-Determination of the wrong sign decay rate D0 -> K+pi- and the sensitivity to D0-D0bar mixingEgede, U