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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Sep-2017From Relative to Absolute Teleseismic Travel Times: The Absolute Arrivalā€Time Recovery Method (AARM)Boyce, A; Bastow, ID; Rondenay, S; Van der Hilst, RD; The Leverhulme Trust, et al
26-Oct-2016Characterizing Broadband Seismic Noise in Central LondonGreen, DN; Bastow, ID; Dashwood, B; Nippress, SEJ; The Leverhulme Trust
11-Dec-2015Variability and origin of seismic anisotropy across eastern Canada: evidence from shear-wave splitting measurementsBastow, ID; Darbyshire, FA; Forte, AM; HIbbs, TE; Calvel, A, et al
-Taxonomic affinities of the putative titanosaurs from the Late Jurassic Tendaguru Formation of Tanzania: phylogenetic and biogeographic implications for eusauropod dinosaur evolutionMannion, PD; Upchurch, P; Schwarz, D; Wings, O; The Leverhulme Trust, et al
27-Jan-2017Neodymium isotopes and concentrations in aragonitic scleractinian cold-water coral skeletons - Modern calibration and evaluation of palaeo-applicationsStruve, T; Van de Flierdt, T; Burke, A; Robinson, LF; Hammond, SJ, et al
6-Feb-2017Complex crater formation: Insights from combining observations of shock pressure distribution with numerical models at the West Clearwater Lake impact structureRae, A; Collins, GS; Grieve, RAF; Osinki, GR; Morgan, JV, et al
13-May-2017Seismic anisotropy of Precambrian lithosphere: insights from Rayleigh wave tomography of the eastern Superior cratonPetrescu, L; Darbyshire, FA; Bastow, ID; Totten, E; Gilligan, A, et al
17-Oct-2016Neodymium in the oceans: a global database, a regional comparison and implications for palaeoceanographic researchVan de Flierdt, T; Griffiths, AM; Lambelet, M; Little, SH; Stichel, T, et al
16-Aug-2017The osteology of the giant snake Gigantophis garstini from the upper Eocene of North Africa and its bearing on the phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of MadtsoiidaeRio, JP; Mannion, PD; The Leverhulme Trust
2-Nov-2015Mantle flow geometry from ridge to trench beneath the Gorda-Juan de Fuca plate systemMartin-Short, R; Allen, R; Bastow, ID; Totten, E; Richards, M, et al